Ironwood Camp 2015

A couple weeks ago, Southlands middle schoolers embarked on a fun-filled trip to Ironwood Camp. Now, we at the Southlands blog love love seeing content from our community, so we asked one of our teachers, Mr. Smidt, to bring his camera and document some of the action. Here are just a few shots:

Ironwood-1 Ironwood-2 Ironwood-3 Ironwood-4 Ironwood-5 Ironwood-6 Ironwood-7 Ironwood-8 Ironwood-9 Ironwood-10 Ironwood-11 Ironwood-12


Southlands Spring 2015 Water Baptisms

Every year, our goal at Southlands is to bring our students not only towards academic achievement, but also towards God. In the spring, we give students a chance to profess their faith in the Lord in a public way, through water baptism. Both campuses were once again able to celebrate the courage and faith of these students together.

To commemorate each event, we are releasing full video coverage from both Walnut and Rowland campuses. We hope these will bless you as much as it has blessed all of us!

Rowland Campus Baptisms

At Southlands, our number one goal is for our students to meet Jesus and get to know Him as their personal Lord and Savior. Last Friday, we had an opportunity to welcome several students into the family of God, as they publicly professed their faith and got baptized. Here are a few shots from the day.

RowlandBaptisms-1 RowlandBaptisms-3 RowlandBaptisms-9 RowlandBaptisms-10 RowlandBaptisms-12

The rest can be found on our Facebook page!

Art Show

As part of the High School Open House evening at Walnut, art students had an opportunity to exhibit their work throughout the semester. Under the watchful guidance of our art instructors, Mrs. Sino-Cruz and Mrs. Jaramillo, fellow students and parents got a chance to check out some creative and beautiful work.

“Yet you, Lord, are our Father. We are the clay, you are the potter; we are all the work of your hand.” – Isaiah 64:8


ArtShow-1 ArtShow-2 ArtShow-3 ArtShow-4 ArtShow-5 ArtShow-6 ArtShow-7 ArtShow-8 ArtShow-9 ArtShow-10 ArtShow-11 ArtShow-12 ArtShow-14 ArtShow-15 ArtShow-16 ArtShow-17 ArtShow-18 ArtShow-19

#BuyIn to Family | Southlands Football

When Coach Osaar Rasshan took over as head coach of the football program at Southlands a year ago, he believed in cultivating one-on-one connections with his players. This past season, the boys were able to enjoy not only a well-coached experience, but were able to reach a real connection with their coaches and to each other. When you join the football team, you “buy in” to a family. In the latest video of our series, we explore scenes from the past season and delve into what makes the program so impactful to our students and completely unique to Southlands.

Southlands Students Stand out at Musicale


Every year, high school students from ACSI schools around the region gather together at an annual music festival called Musicale. Over the course of the Musicale week, students gather together to learn, practice, and sing songs. Additionally, each school has an option to send soloists, small groups, and large groups to be adjudicated or judged. The top performing groups from this adjudication are selected by a panel of judges to perform in a Command Performance on the final evening of the festival. Over the years these performances have become very competitive, and earning a chance to be in the Command Performance has been a rare opportunity.

That all changed this year, as our Southlands small group choir was selected to perform at the Command Performance in the festival.

“This doesn’t happen very often, so it’s a great honor,” said Choir Director Mr. Robert Hilton.

As hoped, our Southlands group did not disappoint! Among the many songs performed at the Musicale, they stood out the most with a stirring rendition of “Jesus What a Savior”, a song about how Jesus is the one who brings life and meaning to the world. Many in attendance were struck by how profoundly believable the group’s performance was.

“I’ve gotten so many comments from people who felt the students were sincerely worshipping,” noted Hilton. “In their adjudication, the phrase “I believe you” came up a lot from the judges. That’s what made it stand out.”

“We weren’t as talented, musically, but we were truly worshipping God,” said Yelin Park, a senior who was one of the members of the group.

“I want to especially commend the students who performed as a select group in the command performance,” said Principal Brandon Shultz. “The piece they sang was incredibly moving and they represented their school very well.”

The students who performed during the Command Performance were: Yelin Park, Joseph Kim, Harim Kim, July Xu, Calvin Chen, Megan Warnecke, and Nobuyoshi Unno.