Preschool’s Parent/Teacher Conference

Parent-Teacher conferences will be held by the preschool beginning the week of November 28th. During this important time, parents will receive a detailed report of their child’s progress in school. Parent-Teacher conferences are the perfect opportunity to have one-on-one time with teachers, ask questions, and discuss the various developmental areas we are working on with each child. We look forward to seeing all the parents at the end of the month and hope that everyone has a Thanksgiving filled with God’s love and joy!



Lysol Blue Ribbon Attendance Challenge

November is here and fall has finally arrived, bringing in the cold and flu season. In an effort to get our students to stay healthy and warm, Southlands Christian Elementary School is participating in the Lysol Blue Ribbon Attendance Challenge. The challenge, sponsored by Lysol, consists of each class tracking their attendance for the month of November. Classes with good attendance will be entered into the Lysol Challenge. They will qualify for cash prizes ranging from $500 to $10,000! We are excited to participate in this challenge, and we encourage our families to partner with us in keeping all of our students healthy during the fall and winter months. Sometimes, the best prevention is simple, and that is to teach students how illnesses spread and how to avoid getting sick. So let’s wash our hands together in hopes that at least one of our classes will qualify for a cash prize!

Southlands in Beijing, China

Southlands Christian Schools is an international school that has been serving students from over 19 nations for quite some time, however this past September marked the beginning of a new era for SCS. This year, SCS has broadened its educational services to include a location in Beijing, China! Currently, there are 77 students attending a Chinese state school called Beijing No. 2 High School. For a portion of each day these students take Southlands courses on their own home campus.

This new Overseas Division has done this by incorporating a hybrid course system of both online learning and a traditional classroom setting. This system enables students in Beijing to complete an American high school program without having to leave their home country. In the near future, SCS looks to develop partnerships in other countries and continue to educate students from different areas of the world.


Performing for the Community

Earlier this month, the Southlands Theatre Department put together another incredible production titled, “Cheaper by the Dozen”. This play was based on a true story about a hardworking man named Frank Bunker Gilbreth and his 12 children. Gilbreth pioneered micro-motion study, a technique that has impacted productivity for factories around the world. As always, this play was made up of Southlands’ talented student actors and directed by the theater department director, Ms. Lai. As a part of the theatre department’s mission to serve the community, a special showing took place for the residents of the Villa Colima Assisted Living Facility this past Monday, November 7th. If you missed the play this time, make sure to come see the theatre department in action for their next performance in the spring.