Getting the Word Out

Southlands is getting the word out about what is happening on campus! SCS is full of life and off to a great beginning for the 2011-2012 school year. It’s hard to believe that it’s already the middle of October! So far, Spiritual Impact Week, Spiritual Explosion, Parent/Teacher Conferences, and many other events have been huge successes! Thanks for all of your participation and support!

Keeping you informed and celebrating all that is going on at SCS is extremely important to us as a school. We want to keep you connected to what is happening! To keep up with us, READ our bimonthly newsletter, “LIKE” us on Facebook, or “FOLLOW” us on Twitter. These are a few new channels that will be available to you for information on campus, sports, student, and community events. Take action now to make sure you stay connected!


Preschool Students are Making Progress

We’re proud to announce that our preschoolers are making tremendous progress. Watching these little ones grow and develop into healthy, young children is such a joy! To ensure that we are helping the children as much as we can, SCS Preschool conducts comprehensive progress evaluations in November and April of each year. This month, the Preschool teachers will be conducting assessments to get a clear understanding of how the children are progressing and which areas of development need more attention. In addition, the results of the evaluation will help parents understand where their child is in terms of emotional, social, physical, cognitive, and spiritual development.

This will help everyone involved to make adjustments to the way we approach teaching and caring for the children. At the end of November, teachers will share their evaluations with the parents at Parent-Teacher conferences. This is a wonderful opportunity to help these little lambs of God continue to develop into the precious people that God has created them to be.



Mix It Up! High School Social Clubs

The High School students have officially launched a number of social clubs for the 2011/2012 school year. This is another way that high school students are getting involved with the campus and the community to really make a difference. Some of these clubs revolve around common interests and serve as healthy ways for students to express themselves, while other clubs have a specific plan to impact the world around them. In this issue of the SCS Newsletter, we want to highlight a few of the clubs and let you know what their purpose is. The Eagles P2P micro-finance club will establish a nonprofit organization and raise money to issue small loans to farmers and small business owners in China. Through this model of micro-finance, the club will help fund business operations in poorer areas of China while generating capital to create more loan opportunities for other small-scale businesses.

Also, there is a SCS Model United Nations club which focuses on giving students hands-on knowledge of international affairs and the decision making process of the UN. In addition, there is a Thespian Society, which is a national society that recognizes outstanding drama performers and a National Honor Society, which honors students that demonstrate excellence in scholarship, leadership, service, and character. These are just four of the fifteen student-led clubs that are meeting and making SCS student life even more meaningful!


Elementary Spreads Love For the Holidays

As the holiday season approaches, it is our desire as a school to teach our students how to be a blessing to others as a response to God blessing us so richly. For Thanksgiving, we are filling ”Love Boxes” for Canning Hunger and Impact Partners Ministries. Each class will fill a box that will become one Thanksgiving meal for a needy family. The children take great joy at bringing in the different food items for the dinner, as well as decorating the boxes. In addition, a small donation pays for a turkey for the family.

The giving of love boxes is a ministry that SCS and its families participate in each year. Through these boxes from Southlands, as well as others who’ve participated, over 1,000 people came to Christ just last year! It is important for us to be a community with giving hearts.

It is a privilege for us to share our blessings and love with others. If you know of a family who would benefit from one of these boxes, please contact Mrs. Stith. Also, for all elementary parents, don’t forget that love box donations are due by November 16th!

Parent / Teacher Coffee Time

SCS is inviting all parents and guardians to come and be a part of our parent / teacher coffee time that happens on the first Friday of every month. This is a great time to enjoy snacks and coffee with your student’s teachers, get to know them better, and discuss anything you’d like to with them.

In addition, each of these events is a time for SCS to gather important feedback from our parents and guardians. In order to do this, we ask the parents and guardians a focus question. This helps us get your input about the school and your student’s education.

This input is extremely important to us as we make adjustments to our school’s programs and policies. For the upcoming coffee time, we will be asking the question, “What is the best way for SCS to communicate important information to its families?” So, put the Parent / Teacher Coffee Time on your calendar , and be sure to come on November 4th to have coffee and snacks at SCS!

Singing Our Hearts Out

The Elementary Eagle Choir will be performing at the Rowland Heights Buckboard Day Parade on Saturday, October 22. The Eagle Choir is a wonderful group of 3rd-5th grade students who are learning to Praise the Lord through music. The choir meets every Friday after lunch to rehearse for upcoming performances that are held both on and off campus. Choir offers our students a great opportunity to not only learn about music, but to also learn how to work together as a team.

We would like to invite all parents and friends to our first performance at the Rowland Heights Parade. In addition to a singing performance, you will also get to witness the SCS float that is part of this year’s parade! This event promises to be a fun day for the entire family. At the conclusion of the parade, approximately 12 noon, the Eagle Choir will be singing at Banida Park located at 1500 S. Banida Ave. We welcome any SCS fans to attend and support us!

A Day in “K” for Preschool Parents

Come and experience SCS’s kindergarten program on Wednesday, October 26th! All Pre-K/Jr.-K Parents are invited to visit Mrs. Parker’s classroom at 11:00 am. We encourage parents to come see the wonderful education our Kindergarten has to offer and ask any questions you may have. There will be translators for our Chinese and Korean speaking parents.

Early that morning, the Pre-K/Jr.-K students will go over to the Kindergarten classroom to do a project with their teachers and Mrs. Parker. It will be an exciting day for the Pre-K families. Parents, please meet at the preschool office at 10:45a.m. and walk over to the kindergarten with the preschool director, Mrs. Mary. We are looking forward to seeing you at our “Day in ‘K”!