Spiritual Explosion

The most anticipated secondary school trip is fast approaching! We are headed to the mountains for 3 days full of activities, games, and fellowship. Are you ready to go camping? Review the materials list from your Spiritual Explosion packet and make sure you have everything you need.

“We Are the Free” Photo by Jack Xu, 12th grade


Picture days!

Sept. 8 (Walnut), Sept. 10 (Rowland), Sept 12 (Preschool)
Practice your smile and say, “cheeeeese!”. If you would like to order pictures, please don’t forget to bring your form with your payment.


True Grits

Dear SCS Parents and Guardians,


We pray that you and your family had a wonderful four day weekend. We, as a school, spent the past two weeks trying to problem-solve issues that we’ve encountered regarding school uniforms. The CEO and the representative of the uniform company,True Grits, have made a commitment to making things right with our SCS parents and guardians.  (Please read what was sent to us from the uniform company)  Thank you for taking the time to talk with us regarding the concerns of your families about the school uniforms. I would like to recap our commitments made during our conversation.

1) We will gladly exchange any styles, black pants used for fit samples for example, mistakenly sold to your families.

2) We are shipping back orders each day to your families, many orders will be received by your families in the coming week. We are currently shipping to parent homes or the school with no freight charges on back orders, until we have all served.

3) May we make dates for each campus that True Grits can come and apply the TG logo on all shorts and pants that are missing the tag? We will bring the equipment and apply the tags on the spot or parents or students can leave the items with us and we will apply the tag and leave at the school with their name on their garments for pick up the next day at the school. We will have name forms and bags for garments left for tags.

4) Please forward to me names, phone numbers and concerns of parents regarding the uniforms. I will follow with each.

5) If you approve, we offer free shipping to the school once a week, on Friday each week for families that choose that option and will enclose one return label each week for returns or exchanges, once a week. Please provide a contact person at the school to receive the orders. We are not able to create, at this time, a drop down box for choice of campus on line. Please let us know which campus and contact person name, so we may make arrangements. Each carton will contain individual orders wrapped in a clear plastic bag with the invoice facing up and a form with purchaser’s name and phone number, plus the student name and grade if the information is filled in on line. There will be a log included for signature of person picking up an order.

6) We would like to offer Southlands Christian Schools an additional 10% discount sale October 20 to November 1, on line and in store. This is traditionally the time purchases are made for winter outwear wear and warm garments. Our stores are calm at this point in the year and it would afford us the opportunity to service your families individually and with great care.

7) Our True Grits School Uniforms team is committed to serving Southlands Christian Schools and your families going forward in a well maintained stock position.

We are in the process of compiling a list of parent/guardian names and contact information as per Terri Turner’s(representative) request. She wants to make sure her personal and undivided attention is given to our parents and guardians to problem-solve uniform issues.

Please feel free to email your contact information should you want your name to be included on the problem-solving list to syoon@southlandscs.com

Thank you for being so patient in this matter. Your understanding is much appreciated!

In His Service,
SCS Administration

One Hope.

Meeting with our friend Crys Gorman from our partners at One Hope.  Making plans to launch something exciting for elementary chapel soon.  Get ready for the countdown!