Dream Center

Dream Center

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Southlands National Honor Society led a group of students to the Dream Center in downtown LA to help distribute food on Saturday. We’re proud of our students and staff for taking the time to serve the community through this event.

ACSI Science Fair

 ACSI Science Fair




Amanda Ong, Anjelique Agudo, Connor Taylor, and Nathan Ornelas were chosen as winners of the SCS science fair and went on to represent Southlands at the ACSI regional science fair last week. Nathan earned 1st place for 7th grade life science, Connor won 2nd place for 7th grade physical science, and Anjelique Agudo won 3rd place for 9th grade life science in the ACSI competition. Great job to all the participants, your school is proud of you!

Congratulations to the awesome team of 7th graders.

Congratulations to the awesome team of 7th graders.

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Congratulations to the awesome team of 7th graders. Each of the Life Science students worked extremely long hours to produce some wonderful Science Fair projects. Each project was evaluated by a panel of three judges. Scoring was based on the written report, scientific methodology, difficulty of the project, and data reporting and analysis. The following students took home medallions for their projects:

1st place-Connor Taylor: Surface Tension of Various Liquids
2nd place-Nathan Ornelas: Stress and the Brain
3rd place-Sean Halpin: Testing the Strength of Glue

Connor and Nathan will continue on in the ACSI regional competition at Biola University on March 28th. Congratulations again to everyone!